Russian engineering and manufacturing company that develops off-road wheeled vehicles for various purposes.

About us

The company was founded to assemble and sale chineese buggies.

It so happened that the company's employees, who had higher technical and engineering education, immediately identified a number of shortcomings in the Chinese vehicles. This started the process of forming an engineering and manufacturing department, which quickly grew into the core business of SIDER.

In 10 years, the company's portfolio has been enriched with a number of off-road vehicles - both sports, tourist, and utilitarian or special purpose.

Fields of work

- Design of specialized wheeled mobile vehicles

- Developing, assembling and testing prototypes

- Series production of off-road wheeled vehicles







  • Personnel

    Highly Qualified
    engineering team

  • Location

    Own production area of
    10 thousand sq. m.

  • Equipment

    Modern machine park (turning and milling machines, stamping machines)

  • Experience

    Extensive experience in
    designing buggies